Dynarex® 8 Ply Surgical Gauze Sponge, 4 in x 4 in – 200 Pack


The Dynarex Surgical Gauze Sponge is a square shaped cloth designed to cover wounds and is the most preferred gauze by first aid trainers. The Dynarex 8 Ply Surgical Gauze Sponge is a 4 x 4 square-shaped surgical sponge that can cover most any wound size efficiently without excessive wastes. Each sponge is 100% made with cotton and non-latex materials to avoid any allergic reactions on the skin and minimize lint.

The Dynarex brand is most preferred by medical professionals and First Aid trainers because of its quality and ease of use.

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Product Description

Why Use The Dynarex 8 Ply Surgical Gauze Sponges?

These surgical gauze sponges can cover wounds without making excessive modifications. These 100% cotton gauze sponges are lint free and large enough to cover an area of 16 square inches. Each gauze sponge uses non-latex materials to avoid allergic reactions.

What Type of Wounds Can The Dynarex 8 Ply Surgical Gauze Sponges be used for?

These square-shaped, medical-grade gauze sponges are used for cleaning, prepping, and dressing any type of wound. They come with white color only and are designed with a peel-down style for easier access.

What size are the Dynarex 8 Ply Surgical Gauze Sponges?

This 4″ x 4″ gauze sponge can cover 16 square inches of space, which is optimized to cover as much of your wound as possible.

How many Dynarex 8 Ply Surgical Gauze Sponges are Included?

The Dynarex 8 Ply Surgical Gauze Sponges include 200 sponges in one box and 2 sponges per pouch.

Key Product Features

  • Square in shape to cover as much space as possible.
  • Uses 100 percent cotton as material to minimize lint.
  • 4″x4″ size covers 16 square inches in space.
  • 200 sponges in one box, 2 sponges per pouch.
  • 8-Ply for wound exudation.
  • Made of non-latex materials to avoid allergic reactions on the skin.


These medical-grade gauze sponges are perfect to tend to any kind of wound without risking a lot of linting on the skin. With its non-latex material, allergic reactions are no longer a problem as you treat the wounds of your patient. The Dynarex surgical gauze sponge is hygienic, safe, and maximizes wound coverage so you don’t have to waste too much gauze to cover a wound.

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