Dynarex® Stretch Gauze Bandage Roll, 4 in x 4.1 yd (Stretched) – 12 Pack


The Dynarex Stretch gauze Medical Bandage Roll is sterile and easy to use. These bandage rolls are preferred by medical professionals and therefore what we recommend for first aid training to be familiar with the materials you are most likely to use in the event of an emergency.

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Product Description

Why Use the Dynarex Stretch Gauze Bandage Roll?

Dynarex bandages and sponges are ideal for wound care because of their unique combination of convenience, comfort, and cleanliness. These gauze sponges are lightweight and compact so they are easy to bring and use anywhere. They are comfortable because of the soft texture of the material. They keep the wound area sanitized through their sterile condition and absorbent properties.

What Can I Use the Dynarex Stretch Gauze Bandage Roll For?

One of the main uses for gauze roll bandages is in primary and secondary wound care. They can be utilized to dress the wounds of patients in healthcare settings, workplaces, and homes. They may be employed to provide compression to the affected body area.

What Size Is the Dynarex Stretch Gauze Bandage Roll?

Each bandage roll measures 4.1 yards in size when it is stretched. The bandage is rolled to save space. One box contains a total of 12 stretch gauze rolls.

Do I Need To Use Tape to Apply the Dynarex Stretch Gauze Bandage Roll?

The bandage rolls of Dynarex only require minimal taping. It naturally conforms to body contours. They are easy to use even for people who are only starting to learn how to use gauze roll bandages.

Key Product Features

  • Ideal tool for primary and secondary wound care dressings
  • Constructed from knit polyester material
  • Highly absorbent and sterile
  • Non-linting and ravel-free
  • Offers compression without constriction
  • Minimal taping required
  • 1 yards in length when stretched

Order the Dynarex Stretch Gauze Bandage Roll From CPR Supply Source

Wound care is simple and effective with the help of the Dynarex bandages, Dynarex 8 Ply Surgical Gauze Sponge, and other equally useful medical supplies. Stock up on the Dynarex Stretch Gauze Bandage Roll at your medical facility, office, or home by ordering from the CPR Supply Source.

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