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Vitali Training Supplies exists to connect healthcare educators and organizations with a streamlined supply of reliable training products and curriculum. All of our pre-vetted medical training supplies are proven reliable, competitively-priced, and essential in quality medical training.

Why shop Vitali?

Vitali offers a leading assortment of CPR and AED training supplies. We understand finding and managing the CPR training supplies you need can be time-consuming, so we’ve streamlined the entire process with a curated selection of the best brands!

  • Competitively-priced products
  • Expertly-chosen selection
  • Quick support response time

Vitali is a proud provider of PRESTAN products, offering what we believe is the best value for your investment on the market!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are CPR supplies the same as first aid supplies?

No. Though similar, CPR supplies are technically first aid supplies that are specific to cardiac arrest. In general, first aid supplies are used for all other illnesses or injuries.

When should I use a one-way valve in CPR?

Every time someone gives breaths to a stranger a one-way valve should be used to avoid communicable diseases.

What is a one-way valve in CPR?

A one-way valve is a disposable mouthpiece that attaches to a face mask. This device allows you to blow air into the body, but does not allow air and fluids to come out of the body.

Do I need to buy child manikins?

No. Practicing on child manikins is not a requirement. The guidelines for CPR state that the appropriate compression depth is 2 inches for adults and children over one year of age. Therefore, an adult manikin suffices because the technique is the same as a child.

Why do you only sell PRESTAN manikins?

We vet all of our products thoroughly to make sure you have easy access to the best brands on the market. PRESTAN CPR manikins are affordable, reliable, and generally lightweight compared to similar products out there. We truly believe they offer the best bang for your buck!

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