Cardiac Science G3 Plus Intellisense Lithium Battery


Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 Pro AED NON-RECHARGEABLE Replacement Lithium Battery, 1 year full replacement guarantee.

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Product Description

  • Use with the Cardiac Science G3 and G3 Plus AEDs: The Powerheart Intellisense Battery is compatible with G3 and G3 Plus AEDs. As a replacement battery for the Powerheart G3, it guarantees up to four years of reliable standby power. The lithium battery allows for up to five years of storage.
  • How to Replace the Battery of the Powerheart G3: The Cardiac Science G3 Plus Spare Battery easily snaps onto the G3 AED. Simply remove the old battery from the G3 or G3 Plus AED, and replace it with the Powerheart G3 Plus Spare Battery. Instructions come with the Powerheart Intellisense Battery.

Video: Cardiac Science G3 AED Battery Replacement

  • Get up to Four Years of AED Battery Life: Most non-rechargeable lithium AED batteries will last roughly two years. Often, batteries dwindle in their stock charge two years past the manufacturing date. The Cardiac Science G3 Plus Spare Battery guarantees up to four years of use.
  • Key Features:
    • Easy to install
    • Disposable
    • Long-lasting charge
    • Compatible with all Powerheart G3 AEDs
    • Allows the Powerheart G3 and G3 Plus AED to deliver up to 290 shocks
    • Comes with an instruction manual for easy and safe installation
    • Lightweight at .75 kilograms
    • Lithium-based replacement battery for Powerheart G3 and G3 Plus AEDs
  • The Cardiac Science G3 Plus Spare battery is a must-have for ACLS and BLS training centers. The power output of this replacement battery for Powerheart G3 or G3 Plus AEDs makes it just as essential for first-responders. Easy-to-follow instructions and snap-on compatibility ensure that installation is straightforward.

Whether you are a paramedic or an ACLS trainer, the Cardiac Science G3 Plus Replacement Battery gives you up to four years of reliable power. With its standby life, you do not have to replace the battery frequently.

The Powerheart Intellisense Battery can be stored for up to five years.

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