LifePak CR2 AED

From: $3,057.00

AED Program Management (Included free for the first year. $179 value!)

AED Program Management provides valuable guidance to help you comply with federal and state laws. The software enables you to effectively maintain one to 100 automated external defibrillators (AEDs) for your home, business or organization. AED Program Management service helps you ensure that all your AEDs are ready for use during cardiac emergencies so you can save lives.

CPR/AED Rescue Kit

This RespondER® CPR/AED Pack is the finest you'll find anywhere and has the tools you'll need to prep your patient for CPR and the application of an AED. Saving someone's life is serious business; this is why our kits contain field-proven tools to help you prep your patient for the application of the AED as well as CPR. It also provides you with protection from contaminants during a rescue.

Large AED Wall Cabinet - No Alarm

Standard Size Semi-Recessed AED Wall Cabinet. The standard cabinet comes with a larger tank than the compact cabinet, and therefore has enough space for any AED. These cabinets come with a recessed door handle, and an included wall mounting hardware kit complete with drywall anchors and screws.

Flexible AED Wall Sign

RespondER® Flexible AED Wall Sign. This flexible AED wall sign is designed to be mounted flat or can be adjusted to mount in three dimensions (projection-style). Show customers and employees where your AED is located. Black and Red on White. 14.75" x 9". Vinyl.


Product Description

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) can happen to anyone, anywhere. Immediate treatment is vital. A victim ‘s chance of survival dramatically decreases for every minute without treatment. That’s why public access defibrillators are so important: they put lifesaving technology where it can do the most good. So when an emergency happens, you should have nothing less than the best. The LifePak CR2 AED features:

• Layered design with easy to follow bold graphics. Both trained and untrained AED users clearly know how to use the AED.
• QUIK-STEP™ electrodes peel directly off the base for faster placement
• Metronome and CPR coaching sets an effective pace and audibly guides users
• ClearVoice™ technology detects background noise and adjusts volume accordingly for clear instruction
• Available in fully or semi-automatic models
• Highest available escalating energy
• Up to 360J for more effective shocks as needed
• Toggle between two pre-set languages when using the device
• Child mode delivers lower energy levels appropriate for young children without having to change electrodes
• LIFEPAK TOUGH™ IP55 rating for challenging environments

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