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The SAM IO® Training kit provides all of the equipment needed to simulate intraosseous infusion fo the distal tibia. This kit is intended to provide a realistic training tool to develop familiarity with the SAM IO Intraosseous System. The SAM IO Driver is a manually operated device that works with a trigger that can be continuously compressed to create a rotational spin of the needle assembly. Along with gentle pressure, the manually actuated driver provides a controlled and accurate IO placement. After the needle is properly positioned, the stylet can be removed and the extension set can be connected on the standard Luer-lock. After the extension is connected, aspiration verification, flushing and treatment(s) may commence. The revolutionary SAM IO driver is intuitive for current IO users with familiar features including color coding and depth indicators that match industry standards.

The nylon carrying case includes elastic loops for storing needles, along with attachment points for the driver once you’ve removed these items from their original packaging. The main compartment has a divider that includes a mesh pouch on the under side for storing additional loose pieces such as the needle adaptor. The included equipment is for training use only..

SAM IO is a manually operated intraosseous access system. Catheter placement is achieved by continuously actuating (repeatedly compressing) the driver’s trigger assembly while gently guiding needle assembly into position. Repeated, full trigger actuation creates rotational spin of the needle assembly which, when combined with gentle downward pressure, results in controlled IO placement. Once needle assembly is properly positioned, the stylet is removed to expose standard Luer-lock for extension set connection. With the extension set connected, aspiration verification, flushing and selected treatment(s) may commence. The SAM IO system is designed to be intuitive for current IO users, featuring color coding and depth indicators which match industry norms.

The SAM IO is designed for effective IO placement in both adult and pediatric patients.

NOTE: When determining the anatomical site and needle length for intraosseous access, patient age and physiology should be considered per protocol or standard, and on a case by case basis based on clinical judgement.


Traning Case
15mm needle set
25mm needle set
45mm needle set
Distal tibia sawbone

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Weight 2.32 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 11.25 × 7 in

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